By the Numbers

Episode 59 · June 10th, 2012 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

In this week's show, we cover a lot of news. NYC taking about banning large sodas, and Colbert chimes in. Bill O'Reilly debates Jon Stossil on government's roll in health awareness...O'Reilly gives up wheat, too. Stacy Toth of appears in Woman's World Magazine. Going Paleo is covered on TV news. Study touts benefits of the hunter-gather lifestyle. Calcium supplementation linked to heart disease. Too much Vitamin D correlates with increased mortality. Good cholesterol may not be so good after all. Plus stories about gluten, obesogens, nutrient density on the Oz show, and Gorilla Biscuits. In the Moment of Paleo, some thoughts on the popularity of Paleo. And after the Bell -- a portion of an excellent new interview with Dr. Loren Cordain. Bonus: Rub Some Bacon it!

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