Contaminated Foods

Episode 52 · February 23rd, 2012 · 58 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

On this week's show, Angelo Coppola talks about some problems in our current food supply, including:

• The BPA - Obesity link • Arsenic in baby formula • Contaminated juice • Preschooler in USA forced to eat Nuggets • Feds Shut Down Amish Farm

And in the Paleo Land segment, the Pork debate continues. Find out what Paul Jaminet believes is the link between pork and elevated risk of liver cirrhosis. Ned Kok is skeptical about the numbers. And Weston A. Price tells us how to prepare pork to minimize risks.

There is a Moment of Paleo called "Stronger, Happier, and Awake" along with an After the Bell segment with speaker Cara Rosaen.

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