Real Food

Episode 37 · October 18th, 2011 · 59 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

This week, host Angelo Coppola covers: Mainstream warming up a bit to 'Caveman Diet,' studies show Vitamins can lead to early death, food industry monopolies, diabetics and halloween, Paul Jaminet's response to Jimmy Moore's starch question, Big Ag via Food Renegade, and new Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segments.

Doctors Warming Up to Caveman Diet - CBS
Vitamins Dangers
Vitamin Safety Concerns - Associated Press
Taking Too Many Vitamins Could be Deadly - Newsy
More Evidence Against Vitamin Use - New York Times (Thanks, Alissa)
Taking Vitamins May Lead to Earlier Death - Fanatic Cook Blog
Paul Jaminet’s Evaluation - Perfect Health Diet Blog
Food Industry Monopoly - Mother Jones Magazine (Thanks, Adam)
Dial in Extra Insulin for Diabetic Kids So They Can Enjoy Halloween - Health Canal

Paul Jaminet’s Response on Potatoes and Rice - Perfect Health Diet
Big Ag Deceives Us - Food Renegade!

Outsourcing Your Health

Ben Goldacre - TED