The Map is Not the Territory

Episode 29 · August 24th, 2011 · 50 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

This week, Angelo covers: a listener's success story, Bill Clinton goes Vegan, cholesterol numbers, sugar & heart disease, Kraft's junk food, mindless eating, caffeine protects against cancer, pesticides cause diabetes, Vibram FiveFinger shoes in the military, and also a new Moment of Paleo segment along with an After the Bell segment featuring Gary Taubes talk at AHS.

Real Results, Timothy Zork - - Richard Nikoley
How to Make Kombucha

Bill Clinton Goes Vegan - Newsy
Heart Attack Proof Diet - CNN (Thanks, Joy)
Cholesterol Numbers Not Necessarily Indicators - ABC News
Too Much Sugar Leads to Heart Disease - UC Davis
Kraft to Spin Off Junk Food & Sell it Overseas - Chicago Business (Thanks, Deb!)
Mindless Eating, Lose Weight Without Thinking - Science Daily
Eat Like a Caveman - Big Think
Caffeine Protects Against Cancer - Science Daily (via @keithnorris)
Pesticides Cause Diabetes?
Navy Says Yes to Toe Shoes - - (Thanks, Lawrence!)

Moment of Paleo
The Map is Not the Territory

After the Bell
Gary Taubes - Ancestral Health Symposium