Ancestral Health Symposium

Episode 27 · August 9th, 2011 · 49 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

This week, host Angelo Coppola discusses: listener updates, turkey recall, hot dogs, inflammation, over the counter Lipitor, when aging stops, early coverage of the ancestral health symposium, a new Moment of Paleo segment, and Symphony of Science After the Bell.

Listener input from Kent and Tim
Update from James, 80-lb weight loss!

Ground Turkey Recall (Thanks, Trevor!) (NBC)
Hot Dogs as Dangerous as Cigarettes - USA Today
Eating to Beat Inflammation (Thanks, Kevin!)
Over the Counter Lipitor - NBC News - Bloomberg
Stop Aging at 90 - Daily Mail (Thanks, Matt!)
Organic Farmers Can Sue - Natural News (Thanks, @PaleoParents) <== Ack! Missed this story on the show!!

Paleo Land
Ancestral Health Symposium

Reflections on Ancestral Health - Chris Masterjohn
Appreciating the People of the AHS - Free the Animal - Richard Nikoley
Summary of Important Ideas from the 2011 AHS - Naturally Engineered - David Csonka
AHS Notes - Kyle Knapp
Favorite ACH Speakers? -
Moment of Paleo
As Paleo Grows...
After the Bell
Symphony of Science - The Story of Us, Children of Africa